Alternanthera Rosanervig




    Moderate Growth Rate

    High Light

    CO2 Not Needed

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Alternanthera Rosanervig

Alternanthera Rosanervig, also known as Purple Knight, is an aquatic plant species that belongs to the amaranth family. It is a popular choice among aquarists due to its striking purple and pink foliage that adds a bold splash of color to the aquarium.

It is a relatively easy plant to care for and can thrive in a wide range of water conditions, although it prefers bright, indirect lighting and nutrient-rich substrate. Regular trimming will encourage bushy growth and maintain the plant's vibrant coloration.

Alternanthera Rosanervig can be used as a background or foreground plant in aquariums and is also suitable for terrariums and paludariums. It can grow up to 20 inches in height and is a great addition to planted aquariums that require a pop of color.

More Information
Scientific NameAlternanthera reineckii var. Rosanervig
Is FeaturedNo
Growth RateModerate Growth Rate
Light RequirementHigh Light
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