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Cardamine is a genus of aquatic plants that are popular among aquarium hobbyists. There are several species within this genus, with different sizes and shapes. Some species are more commonly used in aquariums than others, but all are beautiful and easy to care for.

The leaves of Cardamine plants are typically light green and feathery, with delicate leaflets that give the plant a soft, airy appearance. The plant can grow up to several inches tall and has a bushy growth habit. Some species can also produce small white, pink, or purple flowers, which add to their beauty.

Cardamine plants are relatively easy to care for and can adapt to a range of lighting and water conditions. They prefer moderate to high lighting and benefits from regular fertilizer dosing. The plants also prefer a water temperature range of 68-82ᄀF (20-28ᄀC) and a pH range of 6.5-7.5.

The plants can be propagated by separating the plant's runners and planting them in the substrate. The plant will quickly grow new roots and leaves from the runners.

Cardamine plants are a beautiful addition to any aquarium with their soft, feathery leaves and delicate flowers. They are also useful plants for providing shelter and hiding places for fish and other aquatic organisms.

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